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   Geraleen's Story!

Hi Everyone -- I'm Geraleen! I'd like to tell you about myself. When I was 15, I developed a terrible illness. I became Schizophrenic. That means I have a "Chemical Imbalance" in my brain. Then I heard strange voices talking and saw weird images that were not real.

After 5 years of taking medicines that did not help me much, the FDA approved the use of "Clozaril", and my doctor prescribed it for me. Now my brain works 99% like a normal person and I feel much better. However I'm  "Disabled"  I can't work at regular jobs, so I do other things.

I help my brother Eric sometimes at his  store. I'm really good at organizing "mail outs" -- several hundred to several thousand at a time.

I love horses, so I spend a lot of time at a nearby horse farm helping to take care of them.

I like to write to "Pen Pals". Right now I have about 25. My most favorite pen pal is Isabel. If you want, you can email her at:

I also like to work on crossword puzzles, and word search puzzles. I'm really good at getting all the words on "Wheel of Fortune"!

My favorite soaps are "Port Charles" , "All My Children", and General Hospital. I watch GH with my Dad every day. He has been a GH fan for 25 years now. We record it and watch it while we eat supper in the evening!

I also collect "Stuffed Animals" I have some for a very long time - like since I was a little kid. My favorite is "Mary Grayce". She is a Beagle Hound. I make up stories about her like -- "She drives a Taxi Cab" (yellow), wears dark sunglasses and smokes cigars. Another favorite is "Monk" He is a bad little Monkey (he came in a little "Jail Cell" when he was new). Now you have to watch out that you don't slip on one of the banana peels he is always dropping on the floor!

I'm showing you several of these over there on the right side.

I should tell you that I'm 34 years old, and my birthday is April 7th.

In sports I like the Yankees, Phillys, Mets, Pirates, and oh yes the 76ers, Flyers, and the Eagles. Dad and I watch the Eagles games.  Mom loved Baseball!

My favorite color is blue.

My favorite TV shows are:  The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Providence, Boston Public, Family Feud, Newly Wed Game, and Malcolm in the Middle!

Every Thursday morning, I'm  up at 6:30 AM . I drive to church, where I help clean at 7:15 AM. I vacuum the pews etc. At 9:00 AM, we have a short Mass, then a small group of us  pray the Rosary aloud. There are about seven of us that help clean. I have recently joined the "Alter & Rosary Society". We meet once a month on the first Tuesday.. We pray the Rosary then, have a meeting, and then the best part -- refreshment and games! They are very nice people. I enjoy being with them!

I'm a Jigsaw Puzzle fan. I work the 500 piece puzzles. I always have one going! 

I like to show my independence by driving to exhibitions in Allentown. I've been to Home Expos, Flower shows, Senior Fest, all at the Agricultural Hall at the Allentown Fairgrounds. They have lots of exhibitors showing what they have to offer.  I spent a whole day at "Senior Fest". They had music groups there. The Flower show was beautiful. I also attended "Capitol For a Day" at the JCC. I learned a lot about many Government programs. They had the Salisbury HS chorus, and A "Glen Miller" Jazz band. All in all it was great!

I love going to our local horse farm. It takes my mind off my problems. They have lots of "Saddle Breds". I don't take lessons. I go in the afternoons a lot. They have both morning and afternoon lessons. It costs $25.00 for a 1/2 hour lesson. The people are really very nice there. Sometimes I walk the horses and brush them. They have no heat in the rink. It gets pretty chilly in the winter. They do have heat in the office!  So I bring gloves, a blanket, and a hat. No air-condition either. Starting at the end of June, they only have lessons in the morning as it then gets too hot for the horses. Some of the horses names are, Hope, Helen, Toby, Josh, Jewels, Capers, Phil, Promise, Andy, April, Bingo, and Bugs.

Well that's all for now. I'll write more later.






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