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Loch Family Reunion Group Pic taken July 7th, 2001 by Ron Roberts who with a a little "Digital Magic" has managed to hop into both end of the pic!!

This is a "composite pic of the best parts of two of Ron's pictures. If you draw a diagonal line from the peak of the shed  zig-zaging down through Melissa's feet, then up and around Melissa and back down to the ground again , you will be able to understand the two parts of the "Composite". It's very hard to get 40 folks all looking their best in one pic. This is a "compromise" to get the best possible result. 

Tom who was taking the picture so Ron could be in it was added later! (JFL)


                               Take more of that, it's really good!                                               Tania and  Peyton!


                                    You add this to make a little more smoke!                      Gerri busy with a puzzle!


                                       WoW!!                              Checking out Jacob's 1856 Citizenship Certificate!


                           A beautiful family day!                                                     Please take my picture!


Additional pics will be presented here as they become available over the next several days. Check back often!!

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